Unknown, [Slave shackles intended for a child]


Last summer I attended the wonderful "Age of Jefferson "seminar. Upon visting my home to NYC I visited the New York Historical Society. I came across the above, a small pair of slave shackles. I have never seen manacles for children before. Little models of black hands were clamped by the irons. Besides being creepy, I was emotionally stuck and stared at the image for sometime. Last year in the area where I live in Paris, France, I stumbled into an antique shop and saw a pair of 18thc French slave ankle shackles hanging on the wall with an cooper ladle suspended from one of the chain links. How strange is that? The owner informed me they belonged to someone in his family. In order to reconcile my find I placed the shackles on the floor in front of my fireplace, where photos of ancestor grace the wall. I needed to "feel" if the chains were in fact used to contain enslaved African's.....
I have a question about the issue of a"letter of providence". Besides the word of the propriétaire how could one know if my chains are not jail house.

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